4 Reasons Why we should not talk while Eating


It is very common saying from our elders that don’t talk while eating. Since our childhood, we have grown up by listening to these words.  Nowadays everyone felt eating time is the best time to talk because the rest of the time we are busy with gadgets. Some people don’t feel like eating if they don’t speak while eating. We forget to enjoy our meal heartfully. Surprising factor is some people even they do not have any idea about when they started the meal and when they finished it while eating. It just like a flash. Now let us have a look at the reasons why we should not talk while eating…

Reasons why we should not talk while eating:

Entering of Microorganisms:

Microorganisms present everywhere. Microorganisms surround the food when the food kept on the plate. If we submerged in taking and forget about eating microorganisms take it as an advantage to enter into the food. Once the food enters into the food they start releasing the toxic substances into the food. It makes food poisonous. It is hazardous consuming poisonous food.

Enter into the wrong channel:

Actually, our oesophagus connects to the stomach is next to the trachea which connects to the lungs. When we are eating oesophagus opens and trachea closes and the food enters into the oesophagus. If we talk while eating the trachea also opens and the food particles may enter into the trachea which connects to the lungs. Once in a while, we experience the food particle eject out of nose especially when we sneeze and when we laugh.


We should be clear with what we are consuming. keeping our mind relax when we are having our meals. It helps us to enjoy our meals. Otherwise, the food may not digest properly. The reason behind keeping mind relax while having meals is to activate the brain. If mind not activated it impacts on the functioning of the brain. If the brain is not satisfied the rest of the body parts will fail in doing work efficiently.

Tends to eat more:

If we talk when we are having meals unconsciously we will eat more than enough. It leads to gain more weight. So we should concentrate on only eating when are having meals.

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