7 Signs to Identify the damaged Liver

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The liver is one of the chief internal organs of our body. The liver is a gland. It secretes a bile juice which helps in emulsification of lipids. It performs major functions in our bod. It stores energy and uses energy whenever it requires, controls hormones. It also helps in the process of digesting food. There is another important function performed by the Liver. It plays a key role in eliminating toxic substances from our body. Our body exhibits some symptoms if the liver has damaged. So we can take some precautions to protect us from the Liver-related diseases. Let’s have a look at the signs which describes damaged Kidney.


liver damage


Fatigue is the sign whose liver has damaged. They will become very weak. Even they didn’t do any work they will get exhausted. loss of appetite is also one of the symptoms.They will be affected by Diahorria. By these symptoms, we can understand that liver has damaged. Then without any delay, we should consult a doctor for treatment.


Even having high cholesterol is also a symptom of liver damage. Due to lack of proper functioning of the liver, the amount of cholesterol will increase in the body. It leads to getting heart-related diseases and diabetes.


Liver problems can cause Jaundice. Yellowish hueing of the skin or eyes is called jaundice. It causes discoloration of skin and eye. It is because of lack of secretion of bile juice from the organ liver. Stomach pain, vomiting, nausea are the other symptoms.

Loss of Appetite:

The liver is one of the major organs of the digestive system. Liver failure causes loss of appetite. Because liver releases energy by digesting the food. Dysfunctioning of liver slows the digestion process leads to loss of appetite.

Skin Irritation:

If liver not functions properly causes skin problems. Itchy skin, Rashes appears on the face are common symptoms of liver failure patients. Generally, rashes are very common but after medication also if it would not control then it is considered as a liver problem.

Blood Clotting:

If liver not functions properly it leads to blood clotting. Swollen of blood vessels will take place due to the blood clotting.


The improper functioning of the liver causes swelling of stomach and legs. Some might think it is because of Cholesterol.  But actually, the accumulation of water in different parts is the reason of swelling of parts.

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