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Ginger benefits:

Ginger is a spice widely used in food preparations. It is one of the healthiest spices in the world. It has significant importance in Ayurved. It is also used as a medicine. It has aromatic and strong pungent smell. It is been used for thousands of years in medicinal purposes. It is the underground rhizome. Rhizome is actually an underground stem that grows horizontally.

It has amazing health benefits. It reduces the cholesterol and helps in weight loss. The components of ginger inhibit the growth of cancer cells. It is a good source of Magnesium, Manganese, Potassium, Copper and Vitamin B6. The intake of ginger water is another form of ginger consumption. Now let us have a glance at miraculous health benefits of this spice.

Reduces the risk of Heart diseases:

Researchers found that ginger has the properties to reduce the bad cholesterol. It also has the anti-blood-clotting ability. The higher level of cholesterol leads to block the blood vessels. The intake of ginger protects us from heart attack and strokes.



Consuming this spice helps for effective digestion. It stimulates the secretion of digestive juices to digest the food. By drinking, ginger water or ginger tea gives relief from any type of indigestion troubles. Regular consumption of this spice helps to prevent Constipation. It is a good remedy for treating Nausea and vomitings.

Anti-inflammatory agent:

It has anti-inflammatory compounds knows as gingerols. It gives good results in treating Arthritis. It helps to reduce joint inflammations.  It improves the flexibility and movements of bones.

Prevents cancer:

It has both anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant properties. Ginger prevents the growth of cancer cells. Cancer is one of the dangerous diseases. It is a powerful weapon in the treatment of ovarian cancer. It may also inhibit the growth of human colorectal cancer cells.

Pain reliever:

Ginger has anti-pain properties. It reduces the pains. Recent studies have proven that it may even help ease dysmenorrhea or pain associated with menstruation or menstrual cramps.

Cold relief:

During the times of cold weather, drinking ginger tea keeps your body warm. It cleans the lymphatic system. It boosts our immune system.

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Farmer find Giant Egg: Egg inside another egg




Generally, if we break the egg we find egg white and yolk but in this case, something different has happened. Do you ever find an egg inside another egg when you crack it? Sounds different but it happened in Australia. Scott Stockman who is 47 years old working in the Stockman’s Eggs farm on the Atherton Tablelands, west of Cairns, in Far North Queensland found an egg inside another egg.

He has been working there since his childhood. He discovered a giant chicken egg on March 4 in the farm where he has been working. This giant egg is three times larger in size than the usual egg. Generally, normal egg weighs 58 grams but this extraordinary egg weighed 176 grams.

Egg 1

I have never seen such a large egg, he told to For the reference the took the picture of giant egg along with the other normal eggs. Later he posted the photos on the Facebook and the news has gone viral. It became a puzzle for everyone and thinking about why it has happened he said.

He was decided to make an omelette with this egg and he prepared everything for it and he cracked the egg and they were all quite shocked because they found another smaller egg inside. This is the largest chicken egg laid at the farm since it was started in 1923.

Associate Professor Raf Freire from Charles Sturt University’s veterinary sciences school said that he had never seen like this before and he did not know how it happened. There is no danger to eat this giant egg said, Prof Freire.  Gaynor Davies, head of operations at the British Hen Welfare Trust said it is really a rare egg having other egg inside.

The farm said it is very difficult to identify which hen out of 60,000 hens had laid this massive egg but it is an uncomfortable experience.





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Did you know Fasting can increase your lifespan ?



Fasting 1

Fasting is a natural process keeping our body away from taking food and water for a period of time.A fast may also be intermittent in nature. Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health scientists identified that doing fasting often improves our lifespan.


Scientist experimentally found that Fasting changes the Mitochondrial network reactions inside the cell would not only help to increase our lifespan and also improves our health. Mitochondria are known as the powerhouse of the cell. Mitochondria provide energy for all the cells whenever it required.

In this study, scientists found a common relation between the dynamic changes in the shapes of mitochondrial networks and longevity. For this research scientist used  C. elegans (nematode worms). These worms live only two weeks.

Mitochondria 1

The researchers found the Mitochondrial networks were fused or youthful state when the researchers regulate the diet of nematode worms or restricting the worms diet. These youthful networks increase the lifespan. Scientists estimating that usually, In normal conditions these networks would help the mitochondria to change from one stage to another stage.

Fasting would help to increase the communication between the mitochondria with the other organelles like peroxisomes to burn the fat with the help of Oxygen. Fasting helps to reduce the cholesterol. Ultimately it helps us to reduce weight.Due to this research scientists proved that due to the fasting would help to slow ageing and improves health. The next step in the research is to test the role mitochondrial networks have in the effect of fasting in mammals.

Our previous experiments revealed that how intermittent fasting could help in slow ageing, still we are in starting phase in understanding biology said, William Mair. William mair is the associate professor of genetics and complex diseases at Harvard Chan School and senior author of the study.

However knowingly or unknowingly we are doing good to our body by following traditional practices. Because most of us we do fast on the part of traditional practices. So somehow following certain traditional practices doing good for us.

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