5 Most Unusual foods : Gives you weird feeling

Unusual food

Food is one of the essential factors for all the living beings to live after the air and water. Our body requires a different kind of nutrients for proper functioning. Our body gets energy from the food what we eat. Food does not only provide the energy it helps us to grow, develop and to be healthy. In some areas of World people believes that food is a kind of God. Commonly we use the saying like ” Tell me what you eat I will tell you what you are”. Usually, Food habits change with the seasons and place to place. But in this article your going you are going to know about some unusual food items from around the world.

1.Crocodile Meat:

crocodile meat

As the time passed, people want to taste unique flavours. On this process, people find it very tasty and healthy consuming crocodile meat. We felt it is very unusual food but `Chinese people have started consuming it from long back because of its healing properties. Some people of Southern United States also consumes crocodile meat.

Consuming crocodile meat is very healthy because of its high protein content than the other meats. When compared to the other meats it has low cholesterol content.

2.Tuna Eyes:

tuna eye

We can find this food in Japan. Wherever you go in the Japan Tuna eyes stares at you. It is the cheapest food. It is easy to cook. You just need to boil it to taste the tuna eyes. Mostly it tastes something like squid. The eyeball comes surrounded by fish fat and severed muscles.

3.Black Pudding:

black pudding

Black pudding is made from the blood of animals. It is commonly eaten in and in other parts of Great Britan, Irland and other parts of Europe. It is made from pork blood or beef suet. Black pudding has a lot of health benefits.

It is a good source of protein. It consists high concentration of zinc and iron. The level of carbohydrates is low. It is often grilled,  fried, baked or boiled in its skin. It can be eaten cold as it is cooked in production.

4. Donkey penis:

donkey penis

Chinese believe that animals and their organs have certain medicinal properties. They believe that by consuming it their libido will increases. It is also good for the skin. The cost of one donkey penis is $23.50.

5. Fried Gunea pig:

fried gunea pig

It is also called “Cuy” in South America. It is considered as a special delicacy. The taste of the cuy is similar to Chicken. They are usually fried on a stick.


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