WhatsApp: Programm your messages and respond automatically

WhatsApp Programm your messages and respond automatically

If, due to lack of time, you find it hard to respond to all WhatsApp messages or you want to be more organized in the messages you send to your customers or friends, programming your cell phone to automatically answer messages is a solution. This allows you to reply to your contacts with a predefined message that sends you messages to request information on a specific topic, and to get you out of trouble in case you are busy and can not respond immediately. As such, this function does not exist in the messaging application, however it has been developed by third-party applications and will allow you to turn your WhatsApp into a programmed platform.

What this application does is detect the functions you receive and process and send the response message through the notification. With this, the application will have access to your notifications.  In its free version, this application allows you to program a message for all your contacts in case they send you a message. And it will allow you to add simple automatic responses for specific messages as for all messages.

In other words, you must predefine a message, for example: “Hello, at this moment I am not available, however we have the following offers for you ….” To add a reply to all messages you must select “all” and in the “reply message” box, type the text you want to be sent every time someone sends you a message. With this, you will have your automatic response ready on WhatsApp so that anyone who sends you a message receives your company information or personal message.