WhatsApp: they can add you without giving you your number, with a QR code

WhatsApp they can add you without giving you your number, with a QR code

How many times have you not struggled to have a person’s WhatsApp or that you write down the wrong number and then it does not appear in your contacts? Well now you will no longer have that problem with the new update of the messaging application. According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp would incorporate a QR code that would allow that just by scanning it, the other person could have our contact in their application.

This new feature would be incorporated in the next updates of the application and would be first for Appe’s iOS devices and then for Android devices. With this, our profile would be similar to the code that incorporates applications such as Instagram, Telegram or SnapChat so it would be very useful to give our contact to other people for greater immediacy to share information.

This QR code would also bring security systems since if you shared it on Facebook or other social networks you can renew it and the other would be obsolete, something like the group links on WhatsApp. So far WhatsApp has not issued a statement about when this function would be incorporated, however they are already in the Beta versions of the application.