WHO bowed before countries seeking probe into Corona case


World Health Organization (WHO) on Monday bowed to the call of most of its member states to initiate independent assessments regarding the corona virus. There is tension between the US and China over the epidemic which has so far killed more than three lakh people and devastated the global economy. Organizations in African and European countries and other countries have called for an ‘overall assessment’ of the corona epidemic. It has been said that it is based on a review of ‘lessons learned’ from the WHO’s coordination of the global response on the Kovid-19.

US President Donald Trump has claimed that he has evidence that the new corona virus originated from a laboratory in China, while the scientific community has insisted that It is possible that the virus has reached humans through an animal. WHO reacting to the Kovid-19 pandemic between January and April, an independent oversight advisory committee has also published its first interim report. After this, the WHO Director General took the pledge on Monday.

The US administration was not satisfied with the review and recommendation of the advisory body which accused the WHO of favoring China in dealing with the corona virus epidemic. US President Donald Trump accused WHO of criticizing the imposition of travel restrictions on people coming from China.