China Police using glasses which recognises criminals faces


Once again it is proved that China is best in using the technology. China has come with an innovative method to catch the criminals. China government has developed hi-tech sunglasses which capable of recognising the face of the suspect among the 10,000 others within 100 milliseconds.

The police in China using a glasses which are built with facial recognition technology and it is connected to an internal database of the criminal enable the police to spot the suspects in a crowd. Police have been using this glasses since February 1.

Already the police have tested this glasses at train stations in Zhengzhou, the capital of central Henan province. Zhengzhou East is one of the largest railway interchange stations in China. As per the reports so far police have been successfully identified seven suspects with the help of this device. Police have also caught 26 people who are using fake ID with the help of glasses which connected the online database of suspects.

China 1

This hi-tech sunglasses are developed in Zhengzhou by Beijing-based LLVision Technology Co said the device has the capacity to identify faces from 10,000-person database within 100 milliseconds.The company’s chief executive Wu Fei said the publication  LLVision worked with the police to develop the technology which helps them.

China is best among the other countries in the use of surveillance technology. It is planning to install 400 million new CCTV cameras across the country by the year 2020. China also has plans to develop a facial-recognition database that has the ability to identify any Chinese citizen within three seconds.

The Human rights group has condemned the implementation of this new technology to achieve the social stability will infringe the rights of the people regarding their privacy. Sophie Richardson, China director at HRW said the government should immediately cease these programmes until China implement meaningful privacy rights and an accountable police force.


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