NASA Discovered 20 New Planets which supports Life


So far NASA made many incredible discoveries. Now one more discovery is added to that list. NASA has revealed about the new 20 planets that could support life. Scientists used a Kepler, a space telescope to discover these planets. These planers have the atmosphere similar to the Earth. These planets have the suitable atmosphere for humans to live.

The new planets were about the 97 percent of the size of the Earth and having a cold temperature. Just like Earth, these new Earth-like planets take 365 days to travel around themselves and to revolve around the Sun. Scientists said these Earth-like planets are convenient places for the humans to lead their lives.

Scientists named one of these planets as KOI-7923.01. It is the cooler among the others because of its position. It is also slightly cooler than our Sun. This means the climate of this new planet may be rather like the Earth’s tundra regions, such as Siberia.

Jeff Coughlin the team leader of Kepler said this research is a great step and it would help us to find the life on other planets. This research helpful for the survival of mankind.

“If you had to choose one to send a spacecraft to, it’s not a bad option,”  Jeff Coughlin said. With the help of new and sophisticated technology, we could do a complete research on these Earth-like new planets. Scientists said still we need to do a lot of observations to get a clear view on the new 20 planets.

Scientists so far have been found over 2,300 planets. However, the present conditions of the Earth force us to look for some other planet to survive and to save the life. As we know the fact the Mars is another option for us to step on it to survive but till now we have not set a foot on the Mars. Absolutely finding a place to live out of the Solar system is a massive challenge.

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