Pakistani Taliban confessed that they had killed Benazir Bhutto

Benazir Bhutto


The Pakistani Taliban for the first time confessed that they had killed the former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto in 2007. They have claimed that they were the responsible for the assassination of Benazir Bhutto in a book. The book is written by the Tehreek- e-Taliban Pakistani leader Abu Mansoor Asim Mufti Noor Wali.

They wrote in the book Tehreek- e-Taliban terror group was responsible for the assassination of Bhutto and they explained the details of the assassination. Benazir Bhutto was killed in a suicide attack in Rawalpindi after attending an election rally on December 27, 2007. Tehreek- e-Taliban Pakistan was blamed for this assassination. The members of the military regime of General Pervez Musharraf had blamed the Tehreek- e-Taliban.

But so far no group had confessed that they have killed the Benazir Bhutto. But recently the book which was published on November 30, 2017, has revealed the details of the assassination of Bhutto. The Urdu language book titled as ‘Inqilab Mehsood South Waziristan — From British Raj to American Imperialism’. The book consists of 588 pages and having the pictures of Taliban leaders.

The book says that suicide bombers Bilal, who was also called as Saeed and Ikramullah both were killed the Bhutto. First bomber Bilal was fired at Bhutto with his pistol and the bullet hit her neck. Then after he blasted his jacket and blew himself. MeantimeIkramullah was absconded and is still alive, the book says.

After the attack on Bhutto, the president Musharraf regime purportedly had released an audio conversation between the two Taliban. In the audio, they were talking about Bhutto’s death. The ATC ( anti-terrorism cour) also declared that Musharraf an absconder in the case.

Despite the attack on Bhutto another allegation on government was the government had not taken proper security measurements which made an easy way for the attackers to attack Bhutto in Rawalpindi,” the book says.



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