Saudi’s Prince Mansour bin Muqrin killed in plane crash in Yemen

Saudi's Prince Mansour bin Muqrin killed in plane crash in Yemen

Saudi’s Prince Mansour bin Muqrin killed in plane crash in Yemen.The helicopter crash also took away seven more officials whoa are accompanied with prince Mansur.The death of the Prince and 7 officials was confirmed by the news channel Al-Ekhbariya on this Sunday.
Prince Bin Mansour, The deputy governor of Asir province and also the son of a former Crown Prince Muqrin bin Abdulaza former intelligence chief who was once a crown prince between January and April 2015, when he got succeeded aside by Prince Mohammed’s father, King Salman, now 81.Mansour served the country as a consultant to his father’s royal court.He was also the part of Eight young royals appointed deputy governors in April 2017.
This unprecedented incident took place while returning from the inspection tour when his aircraft came down Abha late.Earlier it did not reveal the cause of the crash nor the situation of the other officials who boarded the plane.The crash news came in Saudi Arabia as the country is pursuing sweeping purge of Kingdom’s upper ranks with dozens of princesses and ministers.The news also a shock along with an arrest of a billionaire for his corruption, these actions were charged by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to prove his authenticity of his power. But this sorrowful crash news came from nowhere leaving everyone in a shock.
The crash news came after post the attack by the government by intercepting and destroying a ballistic missile near the vicinity of Riyadh’s international airport on Saturday which got fired from Yemen against the Iran -backed Huthi rebels.Adding to it, the Saudi government announced a reward of 30 million US dollars for those who gave vital information to curb and arrest the top notch members of Huthi rebels team.It was also identified that the missiles and casualty prone weapons were equipped to rebels groups by regional rival Iran.Seems like the war zone is spilled all over the Yemen.

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