Saxophone played during Surgery: Fabbio

saxophone surgery

New York: An American patient called Dan Fabbio stayed awake by playing Saxophone during the surgery. In the United States, a team of doctors successfully removed a brain tumor from a patient while he played Saxophone during the surgery.


Saxophone- Life

Dan Fabbio is 25 years old, working as a Music teacher. Music his life not only that it is his livelihood. Dan Fabbio had been diagnosed with a tumor in the area of the brain which activates when people listened to music and make music. As he is a musician he didn’t want this area of his brain to be damaged. Though the tumor was not cancerous, It was located in the area of the brain which affects the music. Due to this reason, Dan Fabbio requested the doctors to remove the tumor which is located in the brain. Fabbio was able to help the surgeons to find the location which that need to be saved by playing saxophone during the surgery. At the same time, doctors were allowed to remove the tumor from the brain.

As a part of the operation, doctors conducted a series of musical tests that Fabbio could perform while during the surgery which helps the doctors to scan the brain. Fabbio surgeon is Web Pilcher from the  Monte Institute for Neuroscience at the University of Rochester Medical Centre, Web Pilcher has developed a brain mapping since 2011 for the patient who had to undergo this unusual surgery.

Brain mapping:

Fabbio had to go through MRI (fMRI) scanning. During the MRI scanning, he would listen to certain short melodies and he has to hum back those melodies. MRI (fMRI) technology helps to create maps of brain function. During the scanning, fMRI identifies the location of the brain which involves in the hearing and musical functions. Doctors gave a short Korean folk song to Fabbio to perform. Doctors completed the surgery while he playing the saxophone during the surgery.

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