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Transgender Woman Breastfeeds Her Baby: first recorded case

Transgender Woman Breastfeeds Her Baby: first recorded case

First time in the world a 30-year-old transgender woman has successfully breastfed her newborn baby. This sensation took place at a hospital in New York. She breastfed her baby and she did not undergo any gender reassignment surgeries.

The 30-year-old transgender told to the doctors at  Mount Sinai’s centre for transgender Medicine and Surgery that her partner was pregnant but not willing to breastfeed when the child was born. So the transgender decided to breastfeed her baby. The trans woman told to the Dr Tamar Reisman and Zil Goldstein that she had obtained domperidone from Canada.

Three months before the birth of the baby the woman was given a dose of hormone therapy a nausea drug and breast stimulation which helps her to produce  227 grams of milk a day. When the child was born she was producing sufficient milk to nurture the child for six weeks and then she continued breastfeeding another six months.

The woman was also given a galactagogue for breast pumping and to increase a hormone prolactin that helps with milk production. She was taking a hormone spironolactone which suppresses the testosterone, estradiol and micronized progesterone.

This case study was published in the journal Transgender Health is the best proof that DIY hormonal therapy enables the transgender women to experience the pregnancy and childbirth. Dr Tamar Reisman and Zil Goldstein said this is the first case that a trans woman breastfeeds her baby to be reported in the medical literature.

Dr Tamar Reisman said that this was a breakthrough for Transgender medicine.  Reisman  said that the baby at the age of six months  was “happy, healthy and very cute.” Dr Joshua D. Safer, medical director of transgender medicine and surgery at Boston Medical Center said it is a very big deal to have this recorded in a reliable document.



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